Friday, November 28, 2008

Intention sharing makes us unique

As part of my thesis research I have a number of search terms logged into Google Alerts,including: "Intention Broadcasting" (a term coined at Zipipop) and the more general term "intention sharing". Google Alerts can be frustrating since it continually throws up old links; however, it does keep you up-to-date and occasionally produces some gems you could easily miss. Not so long ago it throw me a link to an article entitled: The Role of Cultural Transmission in Intention Sharing.

It argues that our relatively high-level ability to communicate shared intentions is a uniquely human attribute that has helped us to develop languages. Conversely, a low level of it has restricted language development in animals. It also simulates how cultural transmission effects our intention sharing abilities.

And since we are producing an Intention Sharing platform this obviously struck a chord in me. Human communication, intention sharing, and coordination skills have resulted in our current world dominance (if you ignore those cockroaches who will most likely out survive us). But, at the same time, a huge chunk of the world's problems arise from a failure to communicate and coordinate intentions.

Therefore, if Zipipop can continue to develop services that vastly improve our abilities to share and coordinate intentions, then … we really can change the world :)

* (image sources unknown – I did try to trace them back. Let me know if they are yours)