Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hub Generation

The internet is fueling demands for greater transparency, accountability, sharing, meritocracy, collaboration, flexibility, and social responsibility.

Therefore Zipipop, together with some close network partners, decided to initiate and support a new community blog called Hub Generation to look into these topics and explore the impact of social media and cloud computing on the way we work and organize society. 

This is not your average blog because it uses an innovative approach to help generate and refine content creation.  Most of the content will be summaries of discussions that take place in the Hub Generation Linkedin group. In this way you will get the benefits of different areas of expertise and view points without the need to wade through long discussions; however, in the name of transparency we have just taken advantage of Linkedin's new capability to make the group publicly visible – so that if you wish to get a deeper insight you will be free to read the complete discussions.

The English language blog will have a Nordic viewpoint but with guests from all over the world. And to underpin the philosophical and theoretical thinking we will endeavor to also include practical examples of social web services, management innovations, and civil initiatives that are already making a difference. The mini-essay style blog entries aim to have substance and lasting usefulness.

The community is still very young but it is starting to pick up speed now. There is already some great content and we hope to have some great guest writers in the near future.